The first source of profitability on YouTube is advertising. Agencies and professionals already do it, however making a promotional video is not within everyone’s reach: this is what Google wants to change by launching the YouTube Director application. The goal is to give the opportunity to smaller businesses to lend themselves to the video advertising game. So expect to see your hairdresser promoting it on YouTube soon.

Youtube Director: the Software You Need for Your Promotion

The application is currently only available on iOS in the United States and Canada, but should arrive very soon everywhere in the world. According to its creators, YouTube Director is a suite of programs that makes it easy to create videos without the need for professional Albania WhatsApp Number List
editing software. The tool allows you to easily make your videos, and this only through your phone. As soon as it was launched, an American barber saw its visibility increase by 73%!

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Thanks to Youtube Director, Anyone With an Iphone Can Make

Thanks to youtube director, anyone with an iphone can make .Their promotional video without ever having to go through a computer. Plus, the app is free! Advertising on youtube will no longer be reserved for companies with the means to invest. Thus, google wants to bring out a different kind of advertising. Closer and more community.To guide you in creating an effective promotional video. Four templates are available to start with. Youtube director then walks you through step-by-step how to easily edit it. The application also provides you with a sound bank that you can freely add to your video.With youtube director, google wanted to change the face of promotional videos. And make smes and other vses, start-ups talk a little more. And the bet seems successful! Strongly, in any case, that the application arrives in france. A good way (like so many others) to use social networks to get people talking about your business!

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