The Facebook pixel can be very useful for e-commerce stores. It consists of placing a plugin (which is similar to a cookie) on your site. This tracker makes it possible to retarget visitors in a remarketing strategy. Thanks to this identification, you also measure the effectiveness of your ads. We share with you our 10 tips for making the most of it and not missing out on the potential of this powerful tool.

  Check that your pixel is working this powerful tool

First step: creating and installing the pixel. Developers will tell you that it’s nothing complicated, because it involves pasting a piece of code on your site. For the most novices, use our article on the installation of the Facebook pixel which accompanies you with pedagogy.

Next, it’s important to make sure the pixel was installed correctly. How to do? All you need to do is install the Facebook Pixel Helper tool Chrome extension . Next, you need to go to the USA Phone Number List webpage where the pixel was placed. The extension then detects the pixels installed on the page and tells you if they are correctly implemented. If no pixel is detected by the tool or if an error message appears, it means that the pixel is not installed correctly.

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When installing the pixel, the most common mistake is

When installing the pixel, the most common mistake is to only put this plugin on the homepage of your website. We advise you to implement it on each page , in order to closely monitor the pages or elements that bring you conversion.

Therefore, it is by collecting all the round trip data on your site that you will have all the cards to best adjust your ads on Facebook. The pixel follows the Internet user who has left your site and requests him on a product or a page that would have aroused his interest in him through an advertisement on the famous social network
From now on, the mobile becomes the first way to carry out a search, but also purchases. Practices have changed profoundly over the past year. Therefore, if you have a separate mobile website, we strongly recommend placing the Facebook pixel on that site as well.

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