PAGE VS. LANDING PAGE: WHAT’S THE Argentina Email Database DIFFERENCE? The purpose of a squeeze page is to capture your visitor’s email, phone, name, etc. How is that any different from an ordinary landing page? The biggest difference between a squeeze page and a landing page is that a Argentina Email Database landing page serves a wider range of uses and objectives. It can be designed to capture contact Argentina Email Database information, but also to get someone to buy a product, claim an offer, etc. Another obvious difference Argentina Email Database between them, however, is the length. A squeeze page is mostly above the fold, meaning your visitors don’t need to scroll to see all the content.

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A landing page is usually much longer. You have to Argentina Email Database scroll to see everything. A landing page is usually trying to sell — or convince visitors to buy into — something, while a squeeze page is trying to get a piece of information from your visitors quickly. Take a look: Squeeze Page Squeeze Argentina Email Database Page: Screenshot of WordStream squeeze page Landing Page Squeeze Page: Screenshot Argentina Email Database of landing page A squeeze page can even come in the form of a pop-up, such as a Welcome Mat. But not all Argentina Email Database pop-ups are the same as a squeeze page. Welcome mats are different because they take over the entire screen, unlike a typical pop-up, which only

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takes a small portion. Squeeze Page: Screenshot of Argentina Email Database Penniless Prairie Girl welcome mat I explain how to create a squeeze page using Sumo’s Welcome Mat in the last section of this guide. But for now, let’s look at each of the components of a successful squeeze page. Now every Argentina Email Database great squeeze page has six elements. We’ll break each of them down, and show you how to Argentina Email Database build a successful squeeze page of your own. SQUEEZE PAGE ELEMENT #1: A GREAT Argentina Email Database OFFER The most important element of a squeeze page is the offer. If your offer is on point, the rest of the elements (almost) don’t matter.

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