The European deadline for fully accessible websites and applications has passed on September 23, 2020. An EU decision in 2016 set the goal of Croatia Phone Number List providing full digital accessibility for everyone. We expect to see this positive future perspective, step by step, in Dutch legislation. On June 23, 2021, it will be a legal obligation for (semi-) government institutions to also make mobile applications available to everyone.

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A timeline with when digital accessibility will become a legal obligation. Benefits of Complying with Digital Accessibility 1. You reach more people It goes without saying that increasing digital accessibility ensures that more people can use your website. This allows you to appeal to a wider target group and also create goodwill. You can see it as untapped potential.

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Why would you miss 25% of your website visits or potential customers? 2. Your findability is increased Search engines such as Google rate your website more positively if you improve the accessibility of your website. This is because your site becomes more indexable. It provides the bots with the desired context and background information they are looking for, which can lead to higher rankings.

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