Think of the car or the assembly line. But also digitization: computers, ways of communication. Now, however, we are working on the digitization of the internal person. We develop robots that learn to think better and better. It’s time to rethink Norway Phone Number List everything and redefine our work. What value do we add in relation to this new technology?” Photo of Saskia Nijs during her interview about people and technology. Saskia Nijs advises organizations in change and adaptation to the new era.

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In addition to new working methods, it is often about digital transformation and customer focus. She is chairman of the board of Media Setup and a member of the Supervisory Board of Education on the Amstel. How do you do that? “The main thing now is that you think about what you can do better yourself and what technology can do for you. So we need to get involved again! Involvement here means that you make.

Audience In The Battle for Consumer

A substantial contribution to the success of the company. Not that you will only do fun things. Technology takes over certain activities so that we can use our human skills much more again.” Has it ever happened to you, that technology happened to you? “Certainly. The robot vacuum cleaner. That was the first thing that came to mind when I thought about this. It was not a well-thought-out purchase.

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