Unfortunately, for many companies, it is difficult to prioritize this big project. The goodwill is there, but how do we ensure that the mountain  Colombia Phone Number List of adjustments is less high? In this article, I discuss the importance of digital accessibility and the benefits of complying with current guidelines.  Time to put digital accessibility on the internal priority list.

You and the Image Behind

The role of digitization Over the past few months, we’ve found that getting everything in order online is more important than ever before. Companies with marketing dashboards, up-to-date websites, and online customer service were ahead of the competition. To close this gap, companies lagging behind will have to invest in this in 2021. Put the responsibility for inclusivity on companies.

Each Participant Sits at Home

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Digital accessibility is essential in times of digitization. Being able to appeal to your target group online has become an indispensable part of the current marketing landscape. This is only possible by including the diversity of society in your online strategy. The responsibility should not lie with people with disabilities, but with companies that have to address and serve a complete target group.

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