email) Email Body: Hey [First Name]… just a little nudge, did you see my last email? =) Hope you’re doing awesome. [Your Name] Instead of sending this as a new email, use it in a Ghana Phone Number List reply to your initial outreach email. It helps to bring your initial email back to the top of your prospect’s inbox. Screenshot of follow-up email #1 EXPAND TO ANOTHER CHANNEL: CONNECT WITH THE PROSPECT ON LINKEDIN Ghana Phone Number List (DAY 3) While you’re waiting for a response from your prospect, remember they are likely Ghana Phone Number List active on social media channels. If you’re reaching out to an individual at a specific company, LinkedIn is the best social media site to use.

Mailing Lists Fail to Respond to Your Email Campaign

During your research for prospects’ contact information, take extra effort to find their LinkedIn accounts. This simple step helps speed the follow-up process down the road. If Ghana Phone Number List you don’t receive a response after your first follow-up email, reach out to the prospect via LinkedIn on Day 3. First, send a connect invitation to the prospect on LinkedIn with a personalized message as below. Screenshot Ghana Phone Number List of steps reaching out to prospect on LinkedIn Use the template below for your personalized Ghana Phone Number List message. Hey [First Name]! Big fan of what y’all are up to. It would be awesome to connect. If the prospect accepts your connection request,

Ghana Phone Number List

private message them on LinkedIn immediately about why you’re reaching out. Here’s a simple template the Sumo Growth Team uses: Hey [First Name]! Cheers for the Ghana Phone Number List connection! Looks like you’re doing some awesome stuff at [Company] FOLLOW-UP EMAIL #2: HEY, I MESSED UP (DAY 4) Two days after the first follow-up email and a day after reaching out on LinkedIn, it’s time to follow up with Ghana Phone Number List your prospect again. Here, we assume the prospect has read the initial email but didn’t reply. Even Ghana Phone Number List if they missed the previous two emails, this follow-up email can help bring their attention to your initial email. Here’s the email template you can

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