You will then only see shoppable product Pins. 2. Ads visible in more places (only for top markets) With more and more people turning to Pinterest for shopping Brazil Phone Number List inspiration, the shopping element of the platform is constantly under construction. The latest development in Pinterest Shopping was announced at the end of September. Namely that the shop environment of top markets (USA and UK) is ‘enriched’ with more.

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integrated ads. This so that shoppers who are already ‘looking’ will also see sponsored (product) Pins. In addition, Pinterest is expanding the places where retailers can promote their Pins. Promoted Pins/ads were already visible in the smart feed and in the ‘normal’ search results, but now also in the Lens search results (see Pinterest trend 4: Pinterest Lens), in the shop tab search results, and soon also in ‘shopping.

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on Pins’. It is still unknown when Dutch retailers can also benefit from this development. 3. Pinterest Trends Curious about what’s hot on Pinterest right now? Or when you should start with pins for Valentine’s Day or Easter? Then Pinterest Trends is the function you need. This gives you a sneak peek into Pinterest’s trend reports. Anyone with a business account can access it. You can find this functionality

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