considerations, short-term strategy, long-term average, twenty euro note, foreign currency credits, and free-market forces from now on just together. And don’t be fooled by Word’s spell checker, which all too often disapproves of this type of compound. Percentages Slovenia Phone Number List The government debt amounted to 49.3 percent of GDP in the third quarter: 1.6 percent less than the 50.9 percent of the second quarter. To indicate an absolute difference between percentages, use the term percentage point.

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The difference between two percent and three percent is one percentage point. The difference between 49.3 percent and 50.9 percent is 1.6 percentage points. The good reader will notice that I write the word percent in full. Save the % sign for sums. The BNR Error Business Nieuws Radio (BNR) is a great radio station for business people in the Netherlands, but the presenters are almost all addicted

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Slovenia Phone Number List

to the use of plural verbs where singular verbs are appropriate. Accell sees a future in leasing private bicycles. Remarkable, because they have been doing business leasing for some time. Accell is a company (singular), so it has been doing it for some time. The BNR error is increasingly jumping over to written business texts. It is related to the Dutch hair disease. The Dutch hair disease is a classic.

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