Screenshot showing Shopify pages setting Title the first page “Refund Policy”. Go back to your legal settings tab and copy the entire refund policy, then paste it in the new Jamaica WhatsApp Number List Refund Policy page in the other tab. Click Save. Repeat for your “Privacy Policy” page and “Terms of Service” page. PREFERENCES This is the only setting not under the “Settings” page; instead, go to Online Store > Jamaica WhatsApp Number List Preferences. Screenshot showing Shopify SEO settings First, edit your store’s meta title and description — the text that appears in the search engines. Screenshot showing ecommerce store in Goolge search result Some tips for your metadat.

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The max title length is 60 characters; the max description is 160 characters. Add your keyword in the title and description (click here for more SEO help). Think like a copywriter. Would you click this link if you saw it after searching for your product? Next, if you have it set up, add your Google Jamaica WhatsApp Number List Analytics tracking code. If it’s not set up, watch the quick video below to learn how it’s done. (You’ll Jamaica WhatsApp Number List need a registered domain — I’ll show you how to do that below.) Next, you’ll see the Facebook Pixel ID section; the video below explains the process. Again, you’ll need a registered domain for that.

Jamaica WhatsApp Number List

The store’s password is in the security section. You’ll need to disable the password so anyone can visit your site, but we don’t want to do that until your store is ready to Jamaica WhatsApp Number List publish, so we’ll come back to this later. REGISTERING YOUR DOMAIN WITH SHOPIFY To register your domain name with Shopify instead of a third-party, here’s how:[*] From your Shopify admin, go to Online Jamaica WhatsApp Number List Store > Domains. Click Buy new domain. Enter the domain name you want to buy. Available extensions and their prices will be listed. Extension options include common extensions (like .com or .biz), country extensions (like .ca or, and premium

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