Log analysis is a technical solution that can be a real asset for your natural referencing. But above all, what do the logs represent? This is a file on your website’s server that stores your visit history. Thus, each time a device connects to your site, a line of logs is added to the file, which could be compared to a logbook. It lists all the devices that connect to your website: from the simple visitor to the Google robot. The analysis of logs then makes it possible to analyze your file and to extract information related to the Google crawl. We share with you our 10 reasons to use this technique to improve your natural referencing.

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As a whole, log analysis allows you to follow Google’s visits to your website in real time. The objective here is to know how Google perceives your site since this solution allows you to have access to information that is impossible to know otherwise. Log analysis is an interesting technical solution that allows you to know and understand what Google analyzes when it crawls your website. Errors encountered, number France Phone Number List of pages crawled, crawl frequency, number of pages discovered, etc. Many indicators allow you to optimize very precisely the natural referencing of your website.

Log analysis to understand the Google algorithm 3rd reason: Unblock situations of lower positioning . While traditionally, it is complicated to determine the cause of a drop in your positioning in Google’s SERPs.  Log analysis allows you to find, precisely, the factor that led to this sudden drop. Thus, it becomes easier to solve it and optimize your SEO referencing to regain your positioning.

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Indeed, the Google crawl allows you to find out

Indeed, google crawl allows you to find out which pages google consults. The most and which ones it does not consult or less. This data then tells you that the pages that are not consulted require technical optimization: work on page loading time script compression, internal linking, etc. Thus the more you work on optimizing your pages. The more Google will come to them. crawler and the better your positioning in Google’s search results will be.

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