With the proliferation of ad blockers that block ads. It has become one of the favorite tools for users. While youtube recognized the 30-second pre-roll. Commercials were skipped by most internet users. And announced that it would gradually reduce. That duration to 16 and 6 seconds with. The proliferation of ad blockers that block ads. It has become one of the favorite tools for users while youtube. Recognized that the 30-second pre-roll commercials were skipped by . Most internet users announced that. It would gradually reduce that duration to 6 seconds. However, brands and agencies do not seem to be very convinced by the new changes, since they to land an idea in such a short time.

There Are Already Short-term Ads on Youtube Who Assured

However, there are already short-term ads on youtube, who assured that a billion are consumed daily of hours in the world. According to fortune, it is unlikely that a consumer or netizen will finish watching a 30-second commercial, since generation z, that is, those under 20, like short ads. Agencies like Abdo and droga5 are running short-form ads, and cell phone numbers list even festivals like sundance have a section featuring 6-second movies, which were produced by filmmakers and creative agencies. Apparently, this format could not work in traditional media, since most of them are provocative due to their very direct narration format. In addition, companies like fox and Facebook have also tinkered with 6 seconds.

For Maud Deitc a Former Youtube Consultant It Is a Format

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For maud Deitch a former youtube consultant. It is a format well adopted and accepted by the majority of millennial and generation z viewers. Since 9 out of 10 ads projected on google prompted the withdrawal. That is viewers did not finish watching them. And 61 percent of 6-second ads were viewed making 2018. The year that more brands adopt this ad format.

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