Additionally, run your emails through a spam test Catalan Email List tool like Mail-Tester before you hit send to maximize your deliverability.[*] 8. CASE STUDY CONTENT EMAIL Screenshot of case study content email by Sumo Recipients: 38,731 Open Rate: 37.1% Click Rate: 9.8% Subject Line: 10k traffic in Catalan Email List 30 days (with no budget) Website: Sumo Why It Worked So Well: The email was sent to a list of Catalan Email List small business owners whose biggest challenge is growing traffic to their site without money to spend on ads. Sending a case study of how someone in their exact situation achieved a specific result (i.e., 10k traffic in 30 days) was the perfect content

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people on the list wanted. 9. STORY-BASED Catalan Email List CONTENT EMAIL Screenshot of story-based content email by Jacob McMillen Recipients: 5,654 Open Rate: 38% Click Rate: 8.2% Subject Line: This is why I can’t have nice things… Website: Jacob McMillen Why It Worked So Well: Jacob’s list is Catalan Email List mainly writers interested in growing their business. This email is perfectly targeted to such a Catalan Email List person. Also, the subject line piques curiosity to help improve the open rate, and the writing inside the email is very specific (“if you’re a writer, this is specifically written to you”). However, I do think the open rate may have been better with a subject line

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written toward the benefits rather than a blanket Catalan Email List curiosity statement, such as “How to create a website that generates $X worth of leads.” But you never know if you don’t A/B test it! 10. CLICKBAIT CONTENT EMAIL Screenshot of clickbait content email by Brazen Church Recipients: 1,701 Catalan Email List Open Rate: 61.4% Click Rate: 35.6% Subject Line: Humor Break! 10 Ridiculous Christian Catalan Email List Myths About Dating Website: Brazen Church Why It Worked So Well: This email had a crazy-high open and click rate. Part of the reason is a well-groomed list. The other part is clickbait. If you’re a Christian, especially a single Christian, this email is bound to catch

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