The giant of cola drinks continues to impose its style of “Living happiness”. All year round but it is accentuated at Christmas and although Santa does not appear in the entire world. The concept expands according to the culture where it is found china is no exception. Thus, the commercial of this time invites to create happiness in the Chinese new year. With an environment that inevitably, reminds us of the drink. Not only because of its constant presence but because of the colors. The corporate image in each detail and the attitude of the models. That perfectly convince as a large batch of friends who are living their best moment.

They Are Not Celebrating Christmas but They Are

They are not celebrating Christmas but they are celebrating. To the beat of the rhythm that the brand has always imposed and that shows. Once again, how undeniable its presence. Practically all over the world all the ones you create. Will be under your name and  South Korea Email List branding different menus, better image quality. And more.Related notes:4 tips to recover from errors and disasters in social networks.Social networks a “Double-edged sword. With 300 million registered users this application . That came directly from japan is considered one of the leaders .South Korea Email List

The Mobile Messaging Market They Recently Proved

The mobile messaging market they recently proved their worth by managing to raise funds for . Those affected by the typhoon in the Philippines and now. They will try again to achieve a revolution with incentives for both. Users and potential clients who want to advertise with them international.- with 300 million registered users.  The leaders in the mobile messaging market they recently proved their worth by raising. Funds for those affected by the typhoon in the Philippines. And now they’re going to try again to bring about. A revolution with incentives for both users and potential customers who want.

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