Screenshot of exit popup by KLOS Guitars Montserrat Email List This exit popup helped to generate 1,507 new subscribers for KLOS Guitars. Screenshot of stats of KLOS Guitars exit popup At the same time, 136 new customers with a total purchase amount of $115,490.99 have come from this Sumo Montserrat Email List exit popup: Screenshot of sales stats from Sumo exit popup Key Takeaway: Your visitors might not Montserrat Email List be aware of your promotions. Use an exit popup to notify them about an exclusive offer before they leave. It also gives visitors a reason to purchase NOW instead of later (or never).

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REDUCE CART ABANDONMENT Your customer Montserrat Email List adds a product to the cart. Just before they proceed to checkout, they get distracted by a notification on social media. The lifesaver: An exit popup. M2S Bikes shows this exit popup before their potential customers abandon the cart. It Montserrat Email List encourages the visitor to check out immediately to get a special 10% off the first purchase.[*] Montserrat Email List creenshot of exit popup from M2S Bikes The result: 1,039 visitors have seen the 10% off offer, and 239 have entered their email address to get the 10% off code. Screenshot of stats of M2S Bikes exit popup Furthermore, they got 39 new customers with an

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EXTRA total revenue of $78,622.54. Woah! Montserrat Email List Screenshot of sales stats of M2S Bikes exit popup Key Takeaway: Winning back a cart-abandoning visitor costs less than acquiring new, cold customers to your business. Using an exit popup to encourage immediate checkout = $$$. HOW Montserrat Email List TO CREATE AN EXIT POPUP Creating an exit popup using Sumo is easy. In your Sumo Montserrat Email List Dashboard, go to Forms and click Create New Form. Screenshot of steps to create form in Sumo Select your goal based on what you want to accomplish using the popup. Screenshot of form goals in Sumo that user has to select Next, select Popup as the form

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