As chatbots are becoming more and more popular with brands around the world. They are beginning to occupy an increasingly important place in the branding universe. With the massive use that internet users have of instant messaging. It was inevitable for brands to seize the niche and integrate their own bots. A principle for a long time already very active in china. Where the wechat messaging platform is used by almost all internet users.And where they operate various payment or reservation operations for example by these artificial intelligence.

A Chatbot, What Opportunities for a Brand?

Creating a chatbot is an opportunity for the brand to give birth to a real virtual ambassador, bearer of its values and conveying its brand image. In addition, the chatbot can take on several roles. Both informative and entertaining, especially for the youngest, the bot can Bolivia WhatsApp Number List serve as a source of information by answering users’ questions, just as it can answer queries but this time trying to quickly solve a problem.

Some features of the chatbot can also be used to allow users to make purchases, or make reservations (like Uber, or Domino’s Pizza). Last but not least, the bot allows users to be in their interactions with the brand. Whether to solve a problem or to accompany and guide them on their journey.

So many practical features that allow the user to feel privileged, while being close to their brand, thus helping their loyalty over the long term. The main advantage of chatbots is the openness they provide on messaging platforms.

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What Impact for My Brand? chatbots  over

Which has recently welcomed chatbots from all over the world. Mark. Such progress then allows brands to create a privileged relationship with their consumers. Who can engage with them in a direct and personalized conversation. In addition to this instantaneous response, there is also 24/7 availability. Making chatbots personal assistants that allow the brand to be available at any time.

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