According to a study carried out by on device whatsapp is the leader . Mobile messaging, the study carried out on 4 thousand users of android and ios smartphones in the united states. Brazil, south africa, indonesia and china, reported the following data mexico, df- today whatsapp is considered . The leading application in mobile messaging, according to a study carried out by on device. The investigation carried out on 4 thousand users of android and ios smartphones . The united states, brazil, south africa, indonesia and china reported the following data more related notes:making desktop thanks to whatsapp . The 5 details that many do not know about whatsappif you break up with your girlfriend. You can blame whatsapp44% of users use whatsapp at least once a week,35%.

Of Users Said They Use Facebook Messenger With the Same

Of users said they use facebook messenger with the same frequency.28% of mobile users stated that they use wechat on a weekly basis users aged 16 to 24 in the us . The largest number of snapchat usersduring 2013, more than 27.5 billion messages were spread through services such as whatsapp, line, wechat, bbm or facebook, according to the ovum  Art Director Email List consultancy. Especially when. The growth formula runs out and they simply have to turn to maintenance. For many it can be difficult to think about migrating from facebook or twitter to others. But it is already happening for many users with instagram and pinterest. Others may not think so, and love their digital life and activities. But are fed up with repetitive invitations to apps or games, political, sports . Religious topics that do not suit them. Many don’t understand twitter, don’t have the time to use it. Others can’t afford to navigate facebook’s security and privacy labyrinth, or just don’t want all the hassle.

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These are quick examples, among many that you yourselves

These are quick examples, among many that you yourselves live or have heard. The fund is not complex, we all have interests, public or private, that we want to feed, if we find social networks  Art Director Email Listfor it, we will undoubtedly stay there.So today there are sites for sports fans (phanoto, kwarter, bantr, sports fan live, etc.) or just football. Passionate about art (lab for culture, artreview, artslant, etc.). There are some segmented for certain types of people (my people for latinos), regions or countries (tuenti in spain, viadeo in france, meeting in italy, etc.), for children with all kinds of protection offered to parents (ever loop , your sphere, scuttlepad, etc).

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