What you should look for in a cover letter What you should look for in a cover letterPosted: 2019-10-29 If you’re among the 40% of recruiters who want candidate cover letters, you appreciate the value that a cover letter brings. The cover letter may reveal something you missed on a resume. For instance, your company may have missed an ideal candidate if you hadn’t reviewed the cover letter. Patty McCord, the former director of talent at Netflix, said: “Making good hires is about recognizing good matches.” You are doing yourself a favor by reading cover letters.

You Avoid Missing Out on Someone Whose Resume

However, you avoid missing out on someone whose resume didn’t reflect how well they matched. If you’re having trouble finding great candidates, consider hiring a recruiting firm. They know exactly what to look for and where to find it. Do yourself a favor and start with the basics to eliminate some of the competition. If the candidate hasn’t taken the Mexico Phone Number time to format the cover letter properly, it’s probably not worth reading. Ask these 6 basic questions to narrow down the overwhelming pile of cover letters.Is the cover letter addressed to the right person? the correct date? Is the layout correctly formatted? Did they address the letter to the correct company? Do they mention the particular role you are recruiting for in the letter?

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Do They Have Up-to-date Contact Information That Matches Their

Therefore, did the candidate research your company and the position? You can eliminate general cover letters by simply checking to see if the applicant mentioned your company in the cover letter. You worked hard to specify job descriptions and the hiring announcement. Make sure the information in the cover letter is more relevant to your needs than what they need from you. Joyce Lain Kennedy, author of Cover Letters for Dummies, says, In other words, the resume is all about you and the past. The cover letter focuses on the employer and the future. Check their resume for information about them. The cover letter should describe what they can do for you.

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