Here’s a look at a super simple cart Namibia Email List abandonment workflow from AppSumo: Screenshot of cart abandonment workflow from AppSumo It’s only one email, but you can see the trigger is an action (someone not completing a check out) and the message is sent out two hours later. Namibia Email List When it comes to the number of emails in your workflow and the frequency, there’s no Namibia Email List magic bullet. It will take time and testing to figure out the best solution. Some of the examples we’ve shared today are just 1-2 Namibia Email List emails, whereas others are 5+. My advice would be to keep it short (<5 emails), and measure your results. You can always make changes as you go high level.

Grow Your Email List? Here’s 14 Ideas

Pro Tip: The best workflows deliver value for Namibia Email List the user, not just your company. Think about how every email you send can deliver value on both ends. Ahrefs is a great example of this — its emails help customers to learn about SEO and its tool. 4. IMPLEMENT THE WORKFLOW IN YOUR Namibia Email List EMAIL TOOL With the workflow mapped out, the next step is to implement it. Most email tools have Namibia Email List automation and workflow features, with each tool handling things a little different. If you’re not quite sure how to get started, Namibia Email List check out your email tool’s FAQs or Google [Tool] Workflows or [Tool] Workflow Automations.

Namibia Email List

When setting up your workflow, double (and Namibia Email List triple) check: Frequency: What’s the gap between each email? Is everything set up correctly? Subject lines: Do they make sense to the customer? Are they innately clickable? Order: Are you sending the right emails at the right times? Sumo allows Namibia Email List you to send an email workflow when a visitor joins the email list through a Sumo form. Watch this Namibia Email List video by Chris on how to set that up: SUMO’S EMAIL WORKFLOW TEARDOWN So there we have it. Eight great email Namibia Email List workflow examples and how to create your own. But that’s not it. To help you succeed with workflows at your business, we’ve created a teardown of one of Sumo’s own workflows so you can see exactly how it works.

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