Screenshot of different emails Turkey Email List based on purchase history In the example above: Non-buyers get a discount of $10 when they buy 2+ boxes because there is less resistance for them to commit to smaller order size (and by not mentioning the total spending). Buyers get $20 off when Turkey Email List they spend more than $100. Since trust was established in previous purchases, they Turkey Email List are more comfortable with spending more. You can take this targeting campaign to the next level by segmenting your customers into different groups based on their lifetime amount spent. 3. TARGETING BY GENDER To boost the relevancy of your email

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marketing, target by your customer’s demographics. Turkey Email List While there are multiple demographic attributes you can use, targeting by gender is commonly used by many top brands (especially in the clothing and apparel industry). Screenshot of messaging done with targeting by gender To send gender-targeted Turkey Email List emails to your customers, you first need to collect this data. You can do that by adding a Turkey Email List custom field in your Sumo form. Screenshot of Forms in Sumo When you send your email, select the gender field, and send based on the gender you want. Remember: When targeting based on your customer’s demographics, your emails Turkey Email List are as

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good as the customer data you have. With Sumo, Turkey Email List you can create any number of custom fields you want. However, make sure your email service provider has the ability to segment and send emails based on this data. 4. TARGETING BY BEHAVIOR When you target by behavior, you send Turkey Email List emails based on certain actions (or lack of actions). For example, you can send an email to Turkey Email List customers who have abandoned their cart before completing the checkout process. Screenshot of emails based on targeting by Turkey Email List behaviour It’s a win-win situation for you and your customers when you take the customer journey into account in your email

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