change, but they’re self-explanatory. To watch me customize a theme, see the video at the beginning of this article. Pro Tip: You can add your logo to your Shopify store now. If Israel WhatsApp Number List you don’t have a logo, check out Shopify’s free logo generator tool, Hatchful. Alternatively, you can hire someone on Fiverr or 99Designs to create your logo. After setting up your store to your liking, move on to optimize your Israel WhatsApp Number List settings. 5. OPTIMIZE YOUR STORE’S SETTINGS While Shopify’s default settings are great, there are some things to add and change to make the most of your shiny new store! Let’s walk through it step-by-step.

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Start by clicking the Settings button at the bottom left of your dashboard. Screenshot showing Shopify settings GENERAL SETTINGS Here you can edit your store Israel WhatsApp Number List name, email, store address, and more. If you changed your store name after signing up, update it now. The Account email is the Israel WhatsApp Number List email Shopify will contact you through (customers won’t see this email). The Customer email is the email customers will contact you through. Screenshot showing Shopify store details settings Pro Tip: I recommend creating a [email protected] email address for the customer email.

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You need a domain name to create one, which I cover below. Click here to learn how to set up email forwarding to forward email from your Shopify domain to your most-visited email address. For your own email address rather than just email forwarding (highly recommended, a [email protected] email is Israel WhatsApp Number List best so you can have multiple people on your team use the same account if/when you start hiring), I Israel WhatsApp Number List suggest getting a G Suite account. Enter the Legal name of your business if you have one, and edit your address if needed. Next up is the Standards and formats section, where you set your timezone and standard information like weight units.

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