You can always come back later, anyway. But if Senegal Email List something has a limited-time offer, or limited stock, this creates scarcity and forces action right away. Exclusivity: Similar to scarcity, exclusivity sparks urgency. Amazon Prime produces exclusive shows and movies for subscribers that can’t be Senegal Email List viewed anywhere else. If you want to watch that content, you need to be a member. 3. TAKE Senegal Email List AWAY THE RISK Our brains are constantly assessing risks. From big things like “Should I quit my job to go traveling?” to Senegal Email List smaller decisions like “Is Apple Music worth $10 per month?” When you’re writing a great call to action, you can use risk (or reassurance)

Opt-In List Must Follow Principles in Building a List

to increase your conversions. When you first visit Senegal Email List the Netflix website, you can’t browse its library of movies and TV shows, so signing up can feel somewhat of a risk as you don’t know for sure what’s waiting on the other side of its landing page. So to reassure new customers that they have nothing Senegal Email List to lose, Netflix focuses its call to action on the fact that new customers can try for free before Senegal Email List making a payment. Here’s one of its landing pages: Screenshot of Netflix The main CTA clearly states new customers can ‘Try 30 Senegal Email List Days Free’, but this message is also made clear in the main graphic and copy across the page: Headline:

Senegal Email List

‘All of Netflix. Free for 30 days.’ Subheading: ‘We’ll Senegal Email List email you three days before your trial ends.’ Graphic: Highlights the 3-day reminder, so you don’t forget to cancel if you’re not enjoying the free trial. 4. SELL BENEFITS, NOT FEATURES People don’t buy features; they buy benefits. When Senegal Email List the iPod came out, Apple sold the benefit of having ‘1,000 songs in your pocket’, rather Senegal Email List than the feature of ‘1GB storage’. And when it comes to writing a call to action, focusing on the benefit can be a great way to Senegal Email List increase your clicks and conversions. On his website, fitness coach Adam Frater uses his main CTA to sell the benefits of buying his program:

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