campaign. Are your customers not taking any action? Egypt Email List Schedule a reminder email to be delivered one week later. Ideally, this reminder email should be different from your first email. If the first email is unopened, use a different subject line. If it’s opened but with zero clicks, edit the body or CTA copy. 10 Egypt Email List BACK-IN STOCK EMAIL EXAMPLES Let’s explore the following 10 back-in-stock email examples — curated from FAM, Really Good Emails, and Milled—to see how these steps look like in practice:[*][*] UNIQLO Screenshot of Uniqlo Egypt Email List email Subject Line: Good news! We’ve restocked Why It Works: Positive framing works and Uniqlo Egypt Email List proves it. The subject line Good news! and the headline You’re in luck motivate customers to take the desired action.

Email List Marketing Secrets – How To Build A Responsive Email List

They’re promotion-oriented words. The subhead, That Egypt Email List sold-out item you loved, reminds them why they’re getting the email. The CTA, Gimme, is strong and creative. Uniqlo ends off its email with outfit recommendations to target disinterested customers. EBERJEY Screenshot of Eberjey email Subject Line: Egypt Email List You Asked, We Listened. Why It Works: Eberjey starts its restock email with a subject line that Egypt Email List leaves a small curiosity gap. It entices customers to open the email to see what it’s about. The headline “You loved it so much, we Egypt Email List brought it back” reinforces the desire customers had when they wanted to buy its pajamas.

Egypt Email List

The lifestyle brand also uses scarcity (Selling fast), urgency (Don’t Egypt Email List wait another second), and power words (best sellers and super-soft) in its copy and navigation category (i.e., CTA) to close the sale. UGG Screenshot of Ugg email Subject Line: Your slides are here Why It Works: Personal goes a long way Egypt Email List and UGG knows it. The subject line “Your slides are here” creates excitement and reminds Egypt Email List customers that this popular product is finally available for purchase. Urgency is also used here (Get yours before they sell out Egypt Email List again). Plus, the photo of the model wearing the slides adds a human element—it tempts customers to buy what she’s

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