A BULLETPROOF CALL TO ACTION (CTA) Your call to Australian Email Lists action (CTA) is SUPER important. If it blends in with the background or isn’t enticing, people won’t click it. In the last example, the CTA was “Sign Up FREE.” Free is a powerful trigger word that can help you get more clicks. Australian Email Lists Some other trigger words you can use include: Discover Guarantee Boost Cure Elite Insider Overcome Check out our full list of 101 trigger words Australian Email Lists here. In addition to the wording, color also matters. I’m not talking about using a Australian Email Lists particular color, like red, to boost conversions. No one color works everywhere. Instead, you need color CONTRAST on your CTA.


Your button has to be a color that stands out from Australian Email Lists the background and other text on your page, while still fitting within your color palette. For example, on Bank My Cell, the main colors are teal and navy, while the CTA colors are pink, causing them to stand out:[*] Squeeze Page: Australian Email Lists Screenshot of squeeze page from Bank My Cell Plus, how can you not click on a giant button that says “GET PAID”, am I right? To help Australian Email Lists you find the right color for your CTA, use a tool like Paletton. Put your primary Australian Email Lists color in the tool, then click the Triad option. Squeeze Page: Screenshot of Paletton tool In the above example, your site’s main color is purple and

Australian Email Lists

your CTA should be green or yellow. In this case, I Australian Email Lists would use yellow, as warmer colors (red, orange, yellow, etc.) tend to draw the eye more than cooler colors (blue, green, purple, etc.). Click the TABLES / EXPORT button to get the color codes. Squeeze Page: Screenshot of Paletton tool Australian Email Lists SQUEEZE PAGE ELEMENT #5: SOCIAL PROOF At this point, we haven’t seen any examples of Australian Email Lists squeeze pages using social proof. It’s tough to fit all that on one page without scrolling, but if you can manage it (without Australian Email Lists the page becoming ugly or cluttered), social proof can improve your conversions. By social proof, I mean testimonials or statistics that prove

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