COMMON Product showrooms are basically pop-up stores (temporary locations) at local malls and events. And they’re showing up as a massive ecommerce trend this year. According to William Harris, Retail Strategist at Elumynt:[*] “I might be jumping the gun a bit — it might not happen until Brazil Phone Number List 2020, but I believe we will see a lot more ecommerce brands finding a way to bring their products into physical locations. Good Brazil Phone Number List Housekeeping put on a fantastic pop-up store at the Mall of America which was more of a “product showroom.”[*] Screenshot of an example of a product showroom You found what you liked in person — you could touch

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it, test it, experience it — and when you were ready Brazil Phone Number List to purchase it, just scan it with your smartphone and add it to your Amazon cart. With Amazon Prime Now, it’s not unrealistic to go to the showroom, pick out what you want, order it on your way out and have it waiting for you by the time you Brazil Phone Number List get home. I think we will see more ecommerce brands attempting to do something like Brazil Phone Number List this — find a way to bring their online world into showrooms, where the focus isn’t on isles and isles of “warehoused” items, but more of an experience, where offline retail will support online sales.” With the popularity of AR increasing, it only makes sense customers

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want more of an experience with their shopping. Product showrooms and pop-up stores bring another dimension (literally) to this idea. But what if you don’t have the resources of Good Housekeeping? Can you still set up a pop-up shop and use this trend to grow your store? Yes! Here’s how: Find a Brazil Phone Number List local event going on in your town that’s related in some way to what you sell. A lot of cities have a version of “First Friday” on the first Friday of every month, with pop-up vendors like local crafters and artists, that you can sign up for. Look online and ask around to find the events. Alternatively, you can use a site like

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