emails? Awesome. Send emails daily or multiple times a Dominica Email List day? That’s probably bad unless your subscribers knew what they were signing up for. If you’re a statistics-driven person, note that a HubSpot study which shared open rate medians also looked at the median open and engagement rates based on the number of emails sent per month.[*] Here’s what they found for impact on open rates for their customers: Dominica Email List Screenshot of impact of monthly email campaigns on email open rate And for impact on click rates: Screenshot of impact of monthly email campaigns on email click rate It seems the sweet spot is between 16-30 emails per month

How to Design Winning Email Appeals

(an email daily or every other day). “Note: Dominica Email List Campaigns are defined as targeted, individual emails sent to a portion of a database — not an email blast to everyone.” That said, you should always test different frequencies to see what works best for you. A best practice is to set expectations in your welcome email to tell people how often you’ll be emailing them. 4. Keep it short and simple The final tip before we dive into the Dominica Email List nitty-gritty: Don’t tell your life story! I already mentioned this in the first tip, but it’s worth mentioning again from another angle. People are getting busier every day. Nearly 3.4 million emails are sent every second

Dominica Email List

.[*] Ain’t nobody got time for that! So do yourself Dominica Email List and your readers a favor, and make your emails short and sweet. Keep your emails no longer than 3 to 5 paragraphs. Use short sentences and simple, easy-to-read wording. Try to write at a seventh-grade reading level or lower (you can use Hemingway Editor to check your content’s reading level). Screenshot of Hemingway Editor 5 steps for writing your first Dominica Email List newsletter Now that you’ve got those tips in your back pocket, let’s write your first email newsletter! 1. Decide what you want to share The first step is to figure out what you want to say or share. Some ideas include:

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