This customer profile is a bit like the Holy Grail of retail. Everyone would dream of having them, but unfortunately this is not always the case. So when you have them, you have to keep them. The objective is therefore to retain them. Your customer loyalty strategy on the Internet can very well go through the establishment of a loyalty program. You can also grant your loyal customers additional benefits (promotions, gifts, free shipping, etc.) that you will offer them via personalized emailing campaigns. Social networks can also be good tools to build loyalty. For example, you can create private groups on Facebook, or elect ambassadors for your brand on Instagram. The idea is tomake them feel privileged.

Even Online, We Find This Famous Customer King the One

Even online, we find this famous customer king, the one who demands attention. To satisfy him, you have to offer him impeccable online customer service. You have to offer them omnichannel customer service , and whatever the channel, you have to be available at all times. In addition to telephone customer service, meet their expectations by e-mail, on your website via a chatbot or on social networks via messaging applications. Finally, satisfying the king customer does not just mean meeting all their requests, it also means meeting their expectations in terms of services. Offer shipping and returns, offer gift wrapping, be precise and exhaustive in the description of the products.

The dissatisfied buyer profile Online, this customer will express

The dissatisfied buyer profile Online, this customer will express their dissatisfaction by posting negative reviews and comments about your store. You can’t ignore unhappy customers, or worse respond to them with a condescending or disrespectful tone. In any case, you have to show these profiles of dissatisfied buyers that you take their opinion into account , or even find a solution to reverse the trend. These negative reviews must be handled with great tact to heal your brand image .The impulsive buyer profile The idea is to encourage these buyer profiles to take action. Do not hesitate to use the call-to-action to encourage them.

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