Because we are committed to sharing our knowledge with you, we are offering you a webinar open to everyone from July 11, 2017, the first of a long series. To respond to current issues and trends, the subject of the webinar will focus on social networks, and more specifically on the construction of an effective Social Media strategy.

Whatever your activity, social networks have become real assets. They are effective communication tools and also make it possible to achieve sales and marketing objectives, but it is still necessary to deploy the right strategy. This will be the whole point of this webinar

What is the program ?

To succeed in your Social Media strategy, you must first lay the foundations for it. There are different social networks, it is then necessary to determine which are the most relevant according to your activity, your target audience and your marketing and commercial objectives. The webinar will then allow you to distinguish the different social networks according to the objectives you wish to achieve. Then, our experts will give you  the keys to a good content strategy in order to engage and convert. Finally, a good Social Media strategy also involves studying and analyzing your statistics. Thanks to this Brazil WhatsApp Number List webinar, you will know which KPIs you should follow to measure the performance of your Social Media strategy.

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Who are our stakeholders?

Anyone likely to be interested in setting up an effective Social Media strategy can be concerned. From the self-entrepreneur to the manager of an SME through the marketing manager of a large group, but not only . The deployment of a Social Media strategy may be of interest to . For schools and universities, each year, it is the same mission: the recruitment of students. If the stakes are the same, the situation has changed somewhat today. The candidates are more and more numerous, it is then necessary to recruit the best of them. And competition between schools is more intense, you have to stand out to attract the attention of candidates. The student recruitment operation then turns into a seduction operation.

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