Sell Visual Products 5 Strategy #5: Alleviate Your Finland Email List Customers’ Worries 6 Strategy #6: Test Different Ways To Grow Your Business 7 Strategy #7: Use Your Advantages as an Ecommerce Store STRATEGY #1: USE SIGN-UP-AND-SAVE POP-UPS TO COLLECT EMAILS Brilliance uses a pop-up Finland Email List to offer a 10% discount, eight seconds after someone visits the site, as an incentive for people Finland Email List to join their mailing list. Before I talk about the reasoning behind that, here’s what the pop-up looks like: Screenshot Finland Email List showing a Sumo popup Here are the views (157,792), email signup conversions (3,253), and conversion rate (2.06%) for the pop-up: Screenshot


show a Sumo popup result This pop-up alone has brought Finland Email List Brilliance $336,442 of revenue in the first five months from people using the 10% discount code to buy their jewelry. When you see a 10% discount on any ecommerce website, it’s alluring to opt in if you’re considering a purchase. Even if you don’t Finland Email List want to use the code now, you might want to keep the code handy for later use, and the email gives the Finland Email List company a chance to build a relationship with you. When someone signs up to your mailing list, Finland Email List they have actively agreed to receive communications from you. You can now talk to them and begin to connect with them, help them

Finland Email List

recognize your brand, keep them thinking about your Finland Email List product, and help nudge them to buy from you. Here’s the email Brilliance sends after someone subscribers using that pop-up: Screenshot showing an email newsletter Key Takeaway: Use Sumo sign-up-and-save pop-ups on your ecommerce store to Finland Email List grow your email list. They’re very effective for getting potential customers’ emails, and allow you to Finland Email List build a relationship with your customers to increase your chances of making a sale. STRATEGY #2: SEND AMAZING EMAILS Finland Email List THAT DELIVER VALUE There are a few types of emails you can send to deliver massive value to your subscribers: Helpful or entertaining content. Sales or discount information. New and interesting products.

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