The production of videos in virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (ar) is a trend for which the main brands are betting for this year. Which will continue in the future. Only by the end of 2017. Valentine’s day it will be 60 percent more expensive for lovers. According to estimates by the national alliance of small merchants. The production company has a major. The active marketing campaign for the film is based on. The work of Stephen King and one of them was to create.

One Of The Sectors Where There Is A Strong Commitment To

One of the sectors where there is a strong commitment to vr content is in the media and entertainment companies. They are already a reality as part of various. Marketing strategies with the aim of generating immersive. Experiences that connect with audiences. These examples executed this month prove. It KFC and its employee training in Australian consumer email lists the fast-food chain launched the hard way. A video game created by w+k lodge. A unit of wieden+kennedy focused on emerging technologies. They become real chefs. Warner movie’s VR experience the production company has a major active marketing campaign for the film based on the work of Stephen King and one of them was to create it.

A Cinematic Vr Experience, a Virtual Reality Experience

A cinematic experience virtual reality experience created by sunny. Boy entertainment for fans to experience the terror of this classic story Lcd Soundsystem dance tonite. The American band continues to characterize itself by innovating and experimenting.  Something that leads it to connect at different levels with its fans. Now as part of the strategy for his American dream. Album and the release of tonite his new song is complete with video. He has launched dance tonite, his first vr experience created in collaboration with data arts.

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