Preheader Text: Maybe Our Best Yet — New BPN Philippines Phone Number List Protein Flavor Available Now Call To Action: Get Some Now Recipients: 37,319 Open Rate: 13.6% Click Rate: 0.9% Revenue (72 hours): $2,518.42 Notice how all these emails follow the same three-part formula: Curiosity-filled Philippines Phone Number List subject line. Preheader text telling people what’s inside. One clear call-to-action button to buy. You Philippines Phone Number List don’t need to be a world-class copywriter to make sales from your email blasts. Follow the formula. domain will go into a spam trap (Gmail, Outlook, etc. will stop receiving your emails and mark them all spam).

Strategies in Increasing Revenue Through Email Marketing

Then use the email marketing hack below to Philippines Phone Number List get max revenue from every email you send. ONE UNCONVENTIONAL EMAIL MARKETING HACK APPSUMO USES TO MAKE $30,000 REVENUE PER EMAIL BLAST Before segmenting their list into active and inactive Philippines Phone Number List segments, AppSumo would send one email to their full list. The result: $4,000 revenue per Philippines Phone Number List email. Not bad 😉 Today they send one email to a segmented list of 90-day active subscribers (people who have clicked on an email in the last 90 days).

Philippines Phone Number List

The result: $30,000 revenue per email. Woah! The Philippines Phone Number List difference: Quality > quantity. Instead of sending to 1.8 million active and inactive subscribers (the size of AppSumo’s full list), they now only send to 60,000 active subscribers. Screenshot of AppSumo It’s literally the Philippines Phone Number List difference between $4k/email and $30k/email. Why? Email deliverability gets better when you send to active subscribers. Here’s how it works: If postmasters (administrators of a mail server) see your emails are Philippines Phone Number List unopened, marked as spam, or unsubscribed, your reputation with them will go down. The more negative points you get with postmasters, the more likely your

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