Renew or die” is the basic rule of the industry and that also includes initiatives like Vine. Of course, although it seems to us that the service has been online for a long time, it was only at the beginning of this year (which is ending) that Twitter introduced it to its users to share short videos on mobile devices. The initiative repeats the same strategy used by Facebook, Instagram and Google, which enabled profiles to be consulted from any browser and identify the members of said communities. The announcement was made by Vine through its mobile interface and starting tomorrow, December 23, any registered user will be able to use your name exclusively and you will not have the option to change it or have someone else impersonate him or her. How did it work until now?

By Means of a Number That Identified the User

But that did not make a difference to the rest of the virtual world. As of the indicated date, the address will be chosen by each user and will be their property. At least when using the service. Six months ago a controversial campaign caught . The world’s attention and gave Russian Email Address List a lot to talk about. Today, the form is less harsh . But the message is the same. The current video highlights the fact that many people can maintain a level of alcohol in their blood. Above the limit allowed for the correct use of their reflexes. In the morning after drinking. Thus, a man who seems quite sober begins to talk about. How his body is not in good condition after drinking “A few beers” the night before.

Russian Email Address List

According to the latest eMarketer report, Facebook managed

to surpass Microsoft and Yahoo in terms of digital advertising sales this year, with an estimated revenue of three thousand 170 million dollars, which represents 1.3% more with Over the previous year. For its part, Google had a drop of 1% in the same period.Related notes.

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