Your site’s design represents your brand, and it’s a key factor in generating revenue. So it bears some serious thought when you move platforms. There are three ways to Malaysia WhatsApp Number List approach your design process: Replicate your current site design as is Use the current Malaysia WhatsApp Number List design as a starting point Completely redesign your site from scratch Which one should you choose? It depends on where you are in your Malaysia WhatsApp Number List website’s lifecycle. 1. REPLICATE YOUR EXISTING SITE DESIGN Copying your site design pixel-for-pixel feels like a comforting option because you know exactly what the end product will look like.

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If you have already done extensive research and CRO testing to arrive at your current site design, this is not the worst idea in the world. Replicating a Magento site exactly Malaysia WhatsApp Number List on Shopify will likely need a full custom build. This is the most expensive way to move forward, but if you want a carbon copy of your existing site, it’s the best choice. Pros Able to reuse existing media and content assets as is Malaysia WhatsApp Number List Current performance stats for the site/business are known Faster launch time More accurate cost estimates Cons Older layouts can be difficult to adapt for mobile responsiveness

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Can be labor intensive to move the site to the new platform Malaysia WhatsApp Number List May not be optimized for revenue-generating design 2. USE THE EXISTING SITE DESIGN AS A STARTING POINT Shopify is a different platform than Magento and offers different design and functional capabilities. To take full Malaysia WhatsApp Number List advantage of your new platform, you can bring your brand’s look and feel with you and give your Malaysia WhatsApp Number List site a refresh at the same time. By taking the middle path here, you can maintain the brand image customers already know you for while bringing the site up to date.

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