Millennials, aged 18 to 30, go through key moments in their lives. Higher education, first job, first apartment, marriage representation as many important steps for Millennials as acquisition opportunities for banks and insurance companies. In total, there are no less than 10 million new potential customers. So how to seduce this generation

Millennials, a generation with great potential

For banks and insurance companies, Millennials represent significant acquisition potential. All have the idea of studying, buying a car, renting or buying a home, or even starting a family and getting married. All these life projects concentrated between 18 and 30 years old are all new contracts for banks and insurance companies. Bank Jamaica WhatsApp Number List account openings, loans, home or car insurance subscriptions, etc. There are many acquisition opportunities. Millennials are thus 6 million new potential customers for banks and 4 million for car insurance. To attract these new customers, you have to get to know them, determine their needs and expectations in order to better reach them. Thanks to arecent study conducted by Roland Berger and Facebook, we learn more.

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What are their uses? Roland Berger and Facebook

Millennials need banks and insurance to make their projects a reality. It’s not new. What it is, however, is the way in which they make contact with these financial players. They will not spontaneously go to an agency to find out about the offers available. Their first instinct is rather to go for a ride on the Internet.

As we know, these Digital Natives grew up with the Internet and mobile phones. Their smartphone does not leave them all day, and it even goes beyond Video Banks and insurance: how to seduce Millennials? telephone use alone. Here, mobile is an integral part of the buying process. From the information search phase to the desire to make a purchase, all the steps are done on mobile.

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