Instead of sending every customer the same Tonga Email List newsletter or promotion, you only send emails that are highly relevant to a specific set of customers. Response. With these targeted emails, your customers are more likely to interact with your brand, whether it’s to fill out a survey, share your newly Tonga Email List launched promotion, or purchase your products. Revenue. By sending custom promotions Tonga Email List and offers to a tailored set of your audience, you can boost your conversions and close more sales in the process. Tonga Email List Relationship. A well-targeted email makes your customers feel like you’re writing personally to them and that shows your customers you care about

Email Marketing – Strategic Email Segmentation

them. Retention. Targeted emails can also be used in Tonga Email List your retention campaigns — from getting subscribers to stay on your list to winning back customers who abandoned their cart. The next question is: how do you get started with targeted email marketing? SETTING UP TO SEND YOUR FIRST Tonga Email List TARGETED EMAIL Before you can send a well-targeted email to your subscribers, you need to have Tonga Email List the right customer segmentation in place. Here are three simple steps to get started: 1. NICHE DOWN YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE If you’re selling to everyone, you’re selling to no one. In the competitive market today, you need to find the

Tonga Email List

narrowest audience you can serve so your marketing Tonga Email List and messages are relevant to them. Screenshot of niching down your target audience If you don’t have a clearly defined audience yet, develop one now by niching down — even if you don’t want to implement targeted email marketing just yet. 2.Tonga Email List COLLECT THE RIGHT DATA FROM YOUR SUBSCRIBERS AND CUSTOMERS The next Tonga Email List step is to collect the right data so you can segment your subscribers and customers accordingly. Aside from email addresses, you can collect other data about your audience: Personal details. Name, address, birth date, contact number.

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