Screenshot of blog update email from Shopify Entrepreneur Digest The email provides subscribers with insights into growing their ecommerce businesses. It opens up with a feature China Phone Number List story (which often aligns with the email subject line) and then shares a range of popular and latest posts. Shopify subscribers are reminded that the Shopify tool not only helps them manage their business, but also its blog content China Phone Number List will give them useful tips and advice. Copy and paste the below text into your email editor to swipe this template: BLOG UPDATE EMAIL TEMPLATE [Headline] [Feature image] [Here’s what you’ll learn from the post: bullet points

HTML Or Text Emails For Email Marketers

or short summary] [Read post CTA] [Popular post links] Want more blog update email examples? Get The Email Campaigns Swipe File 4. DISCOUNT OFFER EMAIL China Phone Number List TEMPLATE If your business has been cooking up some irresistible offers, your email list is one of the best places to promote them. With a 10% discount offer on purchases over $80, Sumo customer Manly Bands made $24,765.90 in China Phone Number List five days. Screenshot of Manly Bands But what does a good offer email look like? An offer email needs to do a few things well: Make the offer clear (e.g,. 10% off purchases over $80). Include a simple CTA to encourage the reader to purchase

China Phone Number List

(e.g., go to and use the discount code SHOWMETHEMONEY). Nike does a great job with offer emails. Knowing that personalization is an essential part of China Phone Number List ecommerce success, Nike sends birthday-centric offer emails to people on its email list. The offer — 25% off — is clear and there is a large “Shop New Arrivals” CTA to drive readers to Nike’s online store: Screenshot of birthday-centric discount China Phone Number List offer email from Nike Copy and paste the below text into your email editor to swipe this template: DISCOUNT OFFER EMAIL TEMPLATE Hey [Name], [One sentence offer] [GIF or image of the product(s) on offer] Here’s how it

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