I’d rather have a program that can grow traffic year in Mali Email Lists and year out. Second, I always start with a deep site audit now before building my long-term growth program. I never want to get blindsided by a huge traffic drop again. Let’s break down the old program, and I’ll walk you through where those Mali Email Lists 40,000 leads per month came from. BUYING OUR WAY WITH FACEBOOK PAID LEADS If you Mali Email Lists absolutely need to hit a lead goal, there is always a way to do it if you’re willing to spend enough money. When I joined the team, we were spending $170,000 per month on Facebook ads. This drove tens of thousands of leads every month.

An Email Marketing List: Its Like Free Advertising

Two of the marketers on our team spent their Mali Email Lists time exclusively on paid. During 2017, we took the same A/B testing program that we were using on the site and applied it to our Facebook ad funnels. Over the course of the year, we dropped our average cost per lead from $10 to $2.50. Those wins Mali Email Lists allowed us to keep our lead volume up while reducing our budget. Wait. Why didn’t we just Mali Email Lists increase our lead volume? We had doubts about the profitability of our leads during this period and started doing a lot of testing around profit instead of raw lead volume. The point is that our paid leads padded our lead totals quite a bit.

Mali Email Lists

We had over 100,000 Facebook paid leads in Mali Email Lists 2017, a good 20-25% of our total lead volume. If you’re willing to buy your way to lead growth, it can be done. Large budgets combined with non-stop A/B testing on your Facebook ads can get you the lead volume that you need. CONVERSION Mali Email Lists WINS FOR ORGANIC LEADS Like I said, our total traffic didn’t grow at all. Instead of growing Mali Email Lists traffic, we focused exclusively on increasing conversion rates. That is where all of our organic lead growth came from. My growth program includes a disciplined approach to A/B testing. There are seven rules I make my teams follow:[*] Above all else,

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