up with different results than just “how does [celebrity name]“: China Email List autocomplete results for “how does [celebrity name] do” search If you have insider information or you could reveal something negative about a “villain” in your niche, use this as an opportunity as well. 6. Breaking news post This article type won’t China Email List be part of your regular rotation unless you’re a news or politics site, but the Breaking News post brought in over 12 million China Email List visits for our sample sites, and allow you to ride trending topics on social China Email List media, increasing your visibility. One example is The Drive’s usage of the Breaking News post to share something relevant in their

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industry: breaking news post used in The Drive’s blog China Email List You don’t need exclusive information to report on breaking news, but you do have to be on top of your niche. To set up a system so you don’t always have to be checking Google News for new info, set up a Google alert with some keywords in your China Email List industry: Google alert for “electric vehicle” keyword You’ll get an email when those terms are China Email List mentioned. To get the most benefit from a breaking news article, you should write about the news within 24 hours of it emerging. Check China Email List on Twitter and Facebook’s Trend’s sections before you publish and make sure you’re using appropriate terms to

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take advantage of the trending topic. 7. Expanded list post China Email List Alright, so let’s say your niche doesn’t do well with the listicle. Because, you know, you’re not Buzzfeed. But list posts are #2 on the list of the most popular types of content for traffic, and you don’t want to miss out on the magical unicorn effect they China Email List have. Enter the Expanded List Post™: list posts that actually add value beyond mild entertainment to China Email List people’s lives! In 20 Call-To-Action Examples, we not only list out the examples but provide actionable China Email List information on why they work: expanded list post in Sumo.com blog post These take the typical list post style article and expand

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