Most brands tend to keep their cart abandonment messages simple. For example: Fashion designer Moschino states “You left something Turkey WhatsApp Number List behind.” Screenshot of Moschino Wine store Winc uses the subject line “You forgot something unforgettable.” Screenshot of Winc Pet retailer Chewy simply says “Forgot something?’” Screenshot of Chewy If you’re looking to Turkey WhatsApp Number List keep your subject lines simple, try to experiment with questions: Did you forget something? Did you leave something behind? Still available? Or simple statements like: You left this in your [brand name] basket Don’t miss out Complete your order your emails opened.

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now To take it a step further, try experimenting with some less common subject lines. MAKE IT UNIQUE One of the best cart abandonment emails I’ve seen is from Turkey WhatsApp Number List Ugmonk founder, Jeff Sheldon, and the reason it stands out is that it takes a very personal approach. The subject line “Offering you my personal email” is very different from the usual abandoned cart emails that tend to Turkey WhatsApp Number List focus specifically on you, the shopper, forgetting or leaving something behind. Screenshot of Ugmonk abandoned cart email example On Really Good Emails, Matthew Smith explains just how he felt receiving this email:[*] “Oh man oh man, this is great.

The subject alone is gold. When leaving items in the cart, Ugmonk shows me that they really care and wants to know more about why I might have left those items there. This is a really well done email for ecommerce.” In a similar vein, community-driven ecommerce platform Massdrop Turkey WhatsApp Number List uses a neat subject line formula to personalize its cart abandonment messages: Hey [First Name], still interested in the [Product Name]? Screenshot of Massdrop Here’s a copy of the corresponding email.[*] Screenshot of Moschino 2. USE KILLER, ON-BRAND COPY Getting your email opened is just the first step. Once the customer has opened

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