To your store to make it look pretty without writing code. There are hundreds of themes to choose from; some are better than others. Many third-party developers Iran WhatsApp Number List create themes you can use that aren’t in the Shopify theme store. To edit your store’s theme, click Online Store > Themes then click the Visit Theme Store button. Screenshot showing selecting Shopify themes You’ll go to Shopify’s Iran WhatsApp Number List theme store, which has free and paid themes. RECOMMENDED THEMES To help you save time so you don’t have to wade through Iran WhatsApp Number List hundreds of themes to find one you like, here are some themes I recommend; some are free, some are paid. I prefer a minimalistic design since they’re easy to edit and look great with minimal effort (pun definitely intended).

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1. Minimal Screenshot Iran WhatsApp Number List showing Shopify Minimal theme Free Like its name, this is a minimalistic theme with few bells and whistles. It’s clean, easy to use, and looks darn good. More is often less — and that’s why I love this theme. 2. Startup Screenshot showing Shopify Startup theme Iran WhatsApp Number List Cost: $180 Startup, like Minimal, is a clean, modern theme. It’s ideal for single-product stores, or stores with only a Iran WhatsApp Number List few products. It’s flexible, fast, and responsive — all great things. 3. Symmetry Screenshot showing Shopify Symmetry theme $180 If you have lots of products to show, the Symmetry

Iran WhatsApp Number List

theme is your friend. You can easily show off lots of collections and items. CUSTOMIZING YOUR THEME Once you’ve chosen a theme, it’s time to customize it to your Iran WhatsApp Number List liking! To customize your theme, go back to Online Store > Themes and click the blue Customize button. Make sure the theme you customize is the one you chose in the theme store. Screenshot showing Shopify theme customization Iran WhatsApp Number List Note: If you don’t see your theme as the Current theme, scroll down and click the Iran WhatsApp Number List Actions drop-down, then Publish to activate it. Screenshot showing publishing a Shopify theme Each theme has different settings and options you can

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