But you’re not a dumb machine, are you? Show your character and present yourself as a human being. Then you immediately start talking much more lively and Benin Phone Number easier, I mean, writing. 3.3 Be warm Show understanding of the reader’s concerns and wishes. Is he afraid of something? Reassure him. Does he like cars? Then talk to him as a fellow car fan. In this way, you respond to his feeling, which makes him warm.

Left Out It Is Not Obvious

Talking from person to person, very personal, who doesn’t like that? That’s how your text should come across. 3.4 Real and energetic Your reader will only become enthusiastic if he believes you and if he gets energy from you. Your humanity and warmth must be real. This is only possible if you are genuinely interested in the other person. Then he is more willing to do his best for you.

Accessibility Must Be a Top Priority

Benin Phone Number

Therefore, actively close a personal message. No ‘I hope’ or ‘I’m staying, but a cordial wish or a concrete agreement: ‘Good luck with your move!’ “We’ll see each other Friday.” 4 Demolition and grinding A text is not in one go. Enhance and embellish it with hacks and scissors and some finery. 4.1 From breaking to filing: scraping your text-only makes it better.

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