In this example, you might read some of the papers and write: Costa Rica Email List Warning! What Diet Has to Do with Colon Cancer Everything You Need to Know About Personalized Nutrition Gui Microbiota Plays a Critical Role (More Than You Think) in Your Health Another way to come up with Warning article topics is Costa Rica Email List to think of a common misconception in your field, and warn people about the truth. 5. Celebrity Costa Rica Email List revealed post The Celebrity Revealed Post is an article that “reveals” something about somebody famous in your Costa Rica Email List niche.[*] celebrity revealed post used in Dean Yeong’s blog This post type attracts readers who want to know some secret information on the celebrity.

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To create this type of content, you don’t have to know the celebrity Costa Rica Email List personally or even have insider information. But you should choose a celebrity who is popular in your niche right now. Chris used this blog post type in his Tony Robbins article, the most shared article in 2017 on Sumo’s blog: celebrity Costa Rica Email List revealed post (using Tony Robbins) on Chris’ post To create Celebrity Revealed posts, think of a Costa Rica Email List top influencer in your niche. If you’re out of the loop, bring up a top magazine-style publication in Costa Rica Email List your niche (example: for business) and visit their homepage. Let’s say you were in the beauty niche: Vogue website

Costa Rica Email List

I didn’t have to go far to find Jennifer Lawrence (Vogue Costa Rica Email List wouldn’t have put her as the main feature if she wasn’t big right now). Then, type in “how does [celebrity name]” into Google for autocomplete: autocomplete results for “how does [celebrity name]” search You could write a Celebrity Revealed post Costa Rica Email List about how Jennifer Lawrence styles her hair. To write the article properly, you could quote some Costa Rica Email List interviews she’s done with others, find hairstyles she’s worn in images, and link to tutorials (or create your own) on how Costa Rica Email List to copy the hairstyle. Pro Tip: Add a verb behind your search term for more results. “How does [celebrity name] do” came

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