Not only does this flow well with images and copy, but it also takes the reader on a mini-journey as if they were actually at the restaurant. You start out with an image of an appetizer, Ecuador WhatsApp Number List then move to two entree choices, and then land on dessert. The next step Ecuador WhatsApp Number List would be to head out the door and show up. Well done Duffy’s marketing team! EXAMPLE #2: HOTEL TONIGHT This next example from Hotel Tonight is one that also has a good flow. Again, we see another big bold image before anything else and, because of this, our attention is immediately drawn there. As we make our way down the email, we see a similar form to the first

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example. Except, with this one, we see another image where the menu item description would be. Since we read left to right, this flow takes advantage of that by placing the Ecuador WhatsApp Number List images exactly where our eyes would go naturally. Either way, the form, combined with the eye catching images of designer hotels, keeps us interested and engaged. WELCOME EMAIL Your welcome email is your Ecuador WhatsApp Number List only chance to make a good first impression and guide your new subscribers into taking the next step. You want one that shows off your brand’s personality and also makes the connection regardless if you’re one person or a brand emailing a new subscriber.

Weaving your brand’s personality into your emails is especially important since email is a digital form of communication that can be cold and off-putting (I’m looking at Ecuador WhatsApp Number List you junk mail). EXAMPLE #3: 1PASSWORD Your welcome message should feel warm and engaging. In this next example, 1Password checks all of the boxes. 1Password welcomes new users with some personality with “Take Ecuador WhatsApp Number List your shoes off and stay a while” messaging combined with matching imagery. They also let their new subscribers know what to do next. In this case, get the apps and print out your Emergency Kit. If you don’t give a call to action in your emails, you can’t

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