One-on-one? In addition, you also want to analyze figures, speak to the target group, coordinate choices internally, and create a content overview. You guessed it: this Iran Phone Number List all takes time. But without a full inventory, you don’t have a good starting point. I had a client experience that we were hired to migrate one-to-one.

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The customer made a rough estimate of the time for this and arranged a budget. But based on nothing. In order to meet the deadline, I had to substantially scale up the number of content managers after an inventory, which led to a higher cost item than had been calculated in advance.

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Capacity and scheduling issues As long as you don’t know how much content you have and what you’re going to do with it, you can’t make a realistic time estimate. You also cannot determine how much manpower you need, or when you go live. Do you have a hard deadline? Then you need all this information to determine whether you will achieve it with your current team, or whether you need extra help.

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