Their own sector. I can only conclude that in 2021 the pressure for regulation and control will be built up even further, both by users and by governments Netherlands Phone Number List and other interest groups. No landslides between the protagonists Although in my view the social developments will have by far the greatest impact on the social media landscape in 2021, there are of course other developments that also play a role.

The Resistance to Change

What about the relationships between the most important players in the market? I don’t foresee a landslide there. Of course, I have to mention TikTok, but it actually passed the challenger’s station at the end of 2020. TikTok is an equal in a world of giants. So we can no longer see that as a landslide for 2021. Also, read Social media in 2022: the facts & figures in a row What is interesting to follow is the relationship between.

Traditionally Oriented Populations

Netherlands Phone Number List

the West and Asia, as major players in the social media battle. Bytedance (TikTok) is the first player from Asia that can really compete with the rest in terms of users in the West. That puts the relations on edge, as witnessed by the soap opera surrounding TikTok in the US, which is still going on. In 2017, the Financial Times already wrote in an article that Chinese tech companies would come to the west.

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