Safer Internet Day, also known as SID, was promoted in 2004. Day after day we the goal set by the European Union when it decided to establish this international day. We are really talking about raising awareness of a theme that today more than ever is an important and even vital part of our days. Over the years we have loved and feared this crazy digital world that has allowed us to move forward like never before. We loved him because he was able to simplify our lives and unite us more and more. We feared it because it made us feel exposed to dangers that we may not have known about before the Internet.

As we all know, the Internet is varied, and its vastness depends on the content we seek and that interest us. This is precisely why we must always be careful with our every move; its vast being also exposes us to risks. Indeed, we must ensure that the Internet never becomes a weapon.

Politicians, Schools and Companies for the Cis

Over the years, Safer Internet Day has become an important event for all those who are to improving online security. It has become a very popular day for companies, organizations and schools that can involve everyone. Particular attention is paid to young people, to raising awareness of issues that should not be taken for granted.  The event was by institutions, policymakers, experts, influencers.

Young people, activists of the Youth Panel and the director of the Education Department of Save the Children. Even the famous Cyprus WhatsApp Number List company Unieuro has decided to do its part in raising awareness of the Internet, giving life to the #cuoriconnessi initiative against cyberbullying together with State Police.

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Instagram Has Dedicated a Section to Sid 2022 With

Instagram a section to SID 2022 with a series of advice towards raising awareness in it is . The social network recalled the various episodes of hacked and stolen profiles and recommended activating the Security Checkup, introduced last summer. Instagram wasn’t the only social network to draw up a list of useful tips. In fact, even Twitter has written and highlighted a list of 10 things to do to increase your online safety.

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