From the stream you add products to your shopping cart and pay immediately. More and more companies are experimenting with this (TikTok, YouTube, Amazon). Interesting! Do you want to read more about this? Here you will find some examples of Chinese live streams. 5. Co-creation Where we used to look at the number of likes on posts, you can better look at the number of views. The interaction is deteriorating faster and faster and we can therefore no longer really go ‘viral’.

Trend 2: make money

There will be a shift from tagging people to co-creation. You can already see this on Instagram because you can add collaborators (so that posts or videos Poland WhatsApp Number List appear on both your own profile and the profile of the collaborator), but we see it even more in music and videos on TikTok that give a boost to your own profile. variant of a particular video. Duets, remixes, voice-overs, they are indispensable in short videos. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Ida (@toeverymom) 6.

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Trend 3: advertising

Social commerce & augmented reality 2 trends that are close to each other: social commerce and AR. We already saw on Instagram and Pinterest that many brands add product tags to content. Making it possible to make a purchase directly from the app. What we will see more and more: selling via live streaming. We saw before that you can digitally try on glasses, try on makeup or test different colors of paint on your wall with a camera. There are more and more options for fitting with AR products.

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