Europe a comprehensive” tourist enjoyment campaign is the one . That vodafone has just launched on spotify. So that visitors from London, paris, berlin, lisbon and rome can get to know each. These five european capitals are accompanied by the right music.Europe.- a “Comprehensive” tourist enjoyment campaign is the . That Vodafone has just launched on Spotify, so that visitors from London. Paris, Berlin, Lisbon and rome can get to know these five European capitals accompanied by the right music. To do this, users must access, through an ad page, the form where they will place the data of their next trip. Including destination and dates, under which a personalized musical list will be created immediately. That will be accompanied by an audio-guide tour.

The Campaign, Which Will Be Active Until December

The campaign which will be active until december 2013. Will also provide a schedule of the concerts that will be taking place .The destination city, to take them into account when developing the itinerary. Follow valeria murgichwe share with our readers three Japan Phone Number List free tools to analyze. The activity of the competition in social media. In addition to constantly monitoring the activity that each own brand has in social media to discover its strengths and weaknesses. The strategies implemented with a view to optimizing actions, knowing a little more about what the competition is doing and how carries it out.

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It Is an Important Task to Grow in Social Media

It is an important task to grow in social media.Covering this aspect will be important not only to learn from the successes.That other brands are having but also to find new communication and business opportunities to reach the target audience. Related notes. The 7 reasons for poor measurement of online strategies4 types of video. Useful for digital marketing infographics4 golden rules for excellent online promotion

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