n today’s digital world, websites are critical to all small businesses and promote their products / services to attract loyal customers. Launching a website does not mean that your website will attract more customers.

In Fact, You’ll Be Surprised to Find that

on the Internet, and that number is increasing every day. On average, visitors spend 5 seconds deciding on a website, deciding whether to stay or leave more time. Getting the attention of visitors to your website is essential to keeping them on your website. So what should you do to attract more visitors to your website?

Need great content, action buttons, attractive designs, or all of them? This blog explores and suggests top 10 ideas and tips for attracting customers to your website, building trust, and maintaining long-term relationships with them.

Content is king, but recent research shows that better design is more important than content to attract customers. If the website is well designed, it doesn’t matter to us, but we are playing like kids. Navigate the bar and scroll to the end to enjoy your photos and animations. In business, a well-configured website can help increase the number of visitors to your site. Philippines Photo Editor

Philippines Photo Editor

Researchers Suggest Using More White Space to Improve Readability.

It helps visitors easily consume and quickly digest the content you are presenting.

As you may have noticed, Google uses a lot of white space on all websites, has large font headings, and has well-structured content. The white color basically represents purity and simplicity. The whiter the color, the more comfortable it creates.

In this busy world, your website should impress your visitors and let them explore more within 5 seconds. If the site takes more than two seconds to load, the visitor may move and visit a competitor’s website.

Many companies are losing sales and revenue because their websites are slow and responsive. Don’t be one of them. There are many tools to speed up your site. Use them to improve your website’s response time.

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