Here are five tips on how to do that. 1. DELIVER Syria Email Lists ON YOUR SUBJECT LINE’S PROMISE Remember, CTOR is not about improving open rates (although that is certainly important). Rather, it’s about getting people to click your links after they open your email. To do that, you need two things: Good Syria Email Lists copy and/or media. A good offer. A great subject line gets you in the door, but unless you follow through Syria Email Lists on what you promised in the subject line, people will bounce. For example, take this email we recently sent the Sumo list: Screenshot Syria Email Lists of Sumo email The subject line is “The BEST Abandoned Cart Email.” When you open this email,

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it shows stats about the issue (abandoned carts) Syria Email Lists then has a link for you to see how to write the best abandoned cart email, just as the subject line promised. Here are the stats for that email: Screenshot of stats from Sumo email If we calculate CTOR, we get 1,631 ÷ 15,102 × 100 = 10.79%. Not too Syria Email Lists shabby! 2. KEEP IT SHORT & SIMPLE My next tip is universal across most marketing and Syria Email Lists copywriting: KISS. Keep it super simple. Most of Sumo’s emails are only a few sentences long, with two calls to action to read our Syria Email Lists content. They make a promise in the subject line, deliver on that promise, and let you get right to what you were looking for

Syria Email Lists

when you opened the email. No fluff, no BS. Take Syria Email Lists this email by Benjamin Hardy, for example: Screenshot of email from Benjamin Hardy His subject line is just “millionaire.” It’s so open and vague, which makes it intriguing. Who doesn’t want to be a millionaire? Then, he simply states “Want to become a Syria Email Lists millionaire? Do these 15 things.” Genius! It’s short and simple while also delivering on the Syria Email Lists subject line’s promise as we talked about in tip number one. Note: Longer emails do have their place. But you need to Syria Email Lists be good at copywriting and storytelling to pull them off, and they take a lot of time to do well. 3. GIVE YOUR SUBSCRIBERS WHAT THEY

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